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What we offer during this difficult time:


Fogging, Misting, UV Application (where applicable) 


Disinfect all door handles (inside and outside) 


Disinfect all light switches (inside and outside)


Disinfect 4-6 inches (from edge to wall) of countertops, tables, and any electronic devices.



We use a 1-step disinfectant which needs to be applied and not wiped or washed off. The product lists that it effectively kills the Covid-19 virus and is a hospital-grade solution, which is listed as an effective product on the CDC approved list.



Due to the type of procedure, no one (people and pets) can be present inside during the time of the application we also ask that if you have any plants that they be covered to protect them from the sanitizing process - We will not leave until everything has settled, dried, disinfected, and safe.



We recommend a second application 3 weeks after your initial application to get the best results from any new airborne bacteria viruses at a discounted rate. As always using best practices of hand washing, use of approved face coverings while in public places, cover your nose and mouth while coughing or sneezing.

Image by Martin Sanchez
  • What is the best way to keep my family safe during the pandemic?
    Simple daily hand washing, use of face coverings, clean and then disinfect all touch points in your home (i.e. Door knobs, light switches ,hand rails, window sash, window locks and other touch points).
  • Should I call a professional if a member of the family has tested positive for Covid?
    Yes, but only after the first 2 weeks of exposure. During the quarantine process its important to stay healthy and using a professional cleaning company to come clean and disinfect your home or business is key to staying healthy and safe. Again remember to social distance 6 feet from others, keeping your groups small, using proper handwashing, approved face coverings when around others and indoor shopping. These steps will help to reduce the risk of getting Covid.
  • How long does the Covid virus last on surfaces?
    Coronaviruses can naturally die within hours to days depending on sunlight and temperatures of its environment. Normal cleaning with soap and water only removes dirt, grime and daily germs. This must be cleaned prior to disinfecting/ fogging.

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